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Channel Ishuwa of the Yahyel Sounds of Light Communications
Work P.O. Box 1463 Kihei Hawaii 96753 USA Work Phone: 808-270-5075 Website: Shaun Swanson Channels Ishuwa of the Yahyel
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About Ishuwa
Ishuwa is a human being from the Yahyel civilization. He has Earth human DNA as well as DNA from other extraterrestrial civilizations so he is a hybrid human; a hybrid child of Earth. Earth humans also have DNA from more than one ET society. Ishuwa is genetically connected to us and is part of our galactic family. He is an interstellar explorer and a translator for several galactic civilizations. Ishuwa’s travels have provided him with a vast variety of experiences interacting with thousands of ET societies that live on planets all over our galaxy. He is thoughtful, fun-loving, and playful. He speaks with clarity, humor, and intelligence. He brings timeless knowledge from outer-space that reminds us how to fully enjoy our living-space and our heart’s inner-space.
About the Yahyel
On March 13, 1997, Ishuwa and the Yahyel were aboard the spacecraft that made visual contact with thousands of people on Earth in what is now known as the “Phoenix Lights” UFO sighting. This sighting took place over the State of Arizona in North America. Since then, they continue making new sighting-contacts with us over other cities around the world. Perhaps you have seen them or will see them soon over a city near you!On a super-conscious level of our existence, we have chosen to share our DNA with the Yahyel. They are similar to us in physical appearance. On average, they tend to live up to 300 years of age. They have more than one planet of origin.The Yahyel have been invited by our world’s collective consciousness to be one of the first from our galactic family to return and have open peaceful contact with us face to face and heart to heart. As they return, they will share our true history and the expansive knowledge of where we come from and how we got here. They are reminding us how to live in harmony with Earth and with one another on all levels of our existence together. They help us remember the magnificent and loving beings that we actually are.
About Shaun
Greetings to you dear one of eternal unconditional love! My name is Shaun. I am a channel for Spirit Guides, Archangels, Gilgamesh, Yeshua, and members of our human galactic family including: Ishuwa of the Yahyel, Arvantis of the Arkoreuns, and Onkor of the Sassani.I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara, UCSB.In 1996, I began providing channeling sessions as a form of counseling and healing for people interested in positive personal transformation, self-empowerment, spiritual growth, and deepening self-realization. Since then, I have added channeling sessions for people that want to get answers to questions about life, life on Earth, ET life, and even connect with their galactic family and hybrid children.The experience of channeling is wonderfully enriching for me. It has connected me to ongoing interactions with a variety of human ETs and hybrid children that have origins in our galaxy and beyond. I experience our ET family as being playful, highly intelligent, compassionate, curious, and delightfully fun. The information they share in group channeling events and in private channeling sessions is just one of many resources available today that can awaken us to more of the heartfelt connections that exist with our galactic family!

Two fascinating books about our galactic family that I co-authored are, “Avatars of the Phoenix Lights UFO” and “Feline Humans.” Both are available on Book details here.

I also teach classes on topics such as: “The Four Laws of Creation,” “Loves Playful Nature,” “The Actual Nature of Existence,” “Creation’s Answer Key,” “The Reality Creation Process,” “Love Always Loves You,” and “Our Heart’s Infinite Ecstasies.”

About Values
Question: “What do your people value the most?”
Answer: “We value our life and that of all that is, for all life is us. We value those who are present in our experience, our journey, our life each moment. We value those who are most present in our life in any given moment who are physically present and energetically present. We have a deep appreciation with one another, for one another. That then is perhaps our primary value, for there are many other values but that perhaps would be one of the most predominant ones that we grow up and are born with and are taught. We experience others in our world valuing each other and life itself. So they serve as a model for the young ones, and this then is a model that does not ever break. It does not ever get lost. It does not ever lose its brilliance, its luminous quality, its importance in our culture. We walk, we breathe, we sleep, we dream, we eat together, valuing life and one another and nurturing one another in all ways that we can at all times. Growing, sharing, educating, understanding, and communicating lovingly, enrichingly. That perhaps then is the most valuable thing in our culture. The greatest value to us. Thank you for the question!”


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