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Contact: Kirk Nielsen
Work Phone: 310-633-1777 Website: Harmonious Earth is a new story of humanity
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Harmonious Earth is a new story of humanity where we follow our highest joy, live in harmony, and share all Earth’s resources. We are our story. We experience what we believe in and what we put out we get back. Knowing this we are motivated to change our beliefs and take actions that are expressions of a story we prefer… one with a happy ending.

Our purpose is to provide a basic set of values that will unify us so we can benefit from the strength of a group and at the same time provide the freedom to co-create the lives we prefer. Click here to download EBook. Harmonious Earth is broken into 4 main sections:



1. Social Structure — How We Relate With Each Other

2. Government, Economy, Money, Ownership

3. Laws of Creation — The Game of Physical Reality

4. Plan for Shifting to a Harmonious Earth –

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