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Bridget Nielsen Fine Art & Harmonious Earth
Work Phone: 310.857.8830 Website: Bridget Nielsen Fine Art Website: Hybrid Children Community Website: Harmonious Earth
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Bridget Nielsen is a Medium, Essence Painter, Contactee and co-founder of Hybrid Children Community. She has trained with world-renowned healers throughout California, culminating in years of experience and schooling to spread this spiritual wisdom.​​​​​​​​​​​​

Bridget is the author of, ‘The Secret to Finding Your Passion in You Career’ and she implements practical tools from the book to reawaken your confidence, happiness, self-worth and mission in life.  She writes for the Huffington Post about eco-sustainablity, health, children, vitality, purpose, and love from the perspective of the child and adult. ​​​

The expression of Bridget’s current passion is creating a network of sustainable eco-communities with solution-based economic, social and energy systems through the values and framework of Harmonious Earth

​Bridget has worked with Disney and Warner Bros. to create programs for children to open to their gifts and release their fears with fun, playful and imaginative outlets. She graduated from Pepperdine University with a double major in Fine Art and Business Administration.​​​

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