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Brad Johnson is known as a Conscious Matrix Communicator: one with the ability to naturally access a vast library of consciousness contained within one’s own higher mind and soul records. Since August of 2008, Brad has pursued the practice of meditation, conscious channeling. remote viewing, akashic record reading and energy healing methods that have helped him to grow into a prolific facilitator of spiritual practices, consciousness development and groundbreaking transformational insight through conscious flow.

Brad Johnson is also the channeler of the entity known as Adronis: A light being consciousness representing an aspect of his own higher self existing within the star of Sirius A. Brad is also the founder of his own healing method: Body Regeneration Healing, a certified Usui Reiki Level 3 instructor as well as a skilled intuitive reader of the Akashic Records.

Through, Brad is devoting his life to sharing the wealth of his information through his universal conscious connection with personal sessions, training classes, online videos as well as his own book: “Insights with Adronis from Sirius” co-authored by Jefferson Viscardi released in 2009.


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  • NiON – Elemental Representative


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