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Contact: April Rochelle or Darryl Anka
Work 2450 N. Lake Ave. #124 Altadena CA 91001 USA Work Phone: 888-590-2649 Website: Official Bashar Website Channeled by Darryl Anka
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Darryl Anka began channeling Bashar in 1984 and has, over the past 26 years created an extensive library of information. Bashar Communications was formed by Darryl Anka and April Rochelle for the purpose of bringing Bashar’s message to the planet and preserving the existing Bashar library.

Our primary mission is to ensure that new Bashar information will continue to be generated and the public will be able to access this information on the basis of fair exchange. It is our hope that the information created by Bashar will offer assistance to humanity in creating a new, positive future where all may flourish.

– Darryl Anka and April Rochelle


Personal Profile Darryl Anka:

Darryl has a production company Zia Films and has an upcoming project Bashar: First Contact. Which sounds fascinating in that it will use CGI to show Bashar’s home world. And help Darryl convey to the world all the things he sees in his minds eye, during his channels of the Essassani home world.

You can see more of Darryl Anka’s film production accomplishment, in Visual Effects, Special Effects and Writer via his IMDB  page!


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